Tuesday, 10 April 2012

We all have to start somewhere...

I have always had this desire to write. To Write and Be Creative. I live out this pseudo Martha Stewart / Jodi Picoult existance - in the closet! So this is, in essence, my coming out. I am going to shake off my inhibitions, my fear of being judged, my fear of being wrong, and just take the plunge.

My life is filled with amazing moments, moments that deserve to be commented on. And while I have no inclination to wax lyrical about the beauty of life (I am a self-confessed cynic at the best of times), I hope to be able to capture the reality of my life. The life of a late-thirty-something-year-old wife and mom, with almost nine year old twins, a new career, and a head full of musings, rantings, observations and opinions!

So whether this gets read or not, I'm Just Saying...

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