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My name is Lesley Forbes. And I am officially "A Blogger!!". 
I'm Just Saying ...

My confession? I have an unsatiated passion for words - written and spoken. My finger-nails-on-the-blackboard issue? The butchery of language. I am by no means a grammar Nazi (and by NO means perfect!), but I do outwardly cringe when spelling and grammar are treated with such little significance. 

I am an enthusiastic writer (and have a secret addiction to blogs – I read anything and everything and all too quickly lose hours before I realise how far off the beaten track I have wandered from my original intention to just trawl through one or two!!). I started my own blog to see if I could, and have become sucked into it very quickly!

Being a working mom of nine year old twins, Kirsten and Dylan, which in itself is huge fodder for blogging topics, my life is never dull! I am married to Warren, my first love. He is a numbers man, who keeps me well grounded when I get a bit beyond myself. We have been together for 17 years and have faced good times, bad times, hard times, adventures and all the big "firsts" together. Waren is a huge supporter of my blogging endeavours. I am very lucky that he is in my corner!

I adore anything social-media, and am a nut about technology. I am an A Type personality, control freak (so I've been told ;)), with a penchant for climbing on my soapbox at any given opportunity.

By profession I have my own HR Consultancy, specialising in Recruitment and setting up HR essentials for small businesses in Durban, which suits my passion for people.

My blog is my own personal, portable, soapbox. My emotions have a habit of running high (thanks goodness for that delete button!), so my posts are laced with real feelings - reigned in if I am able to!

I'm Just Saying...

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