Monday, 21 January 2013

Stop Mucking Around the Fountain!

I had a terrible night last night. Insomnia and horrendous nightmares. Heart-palpitating-drenched in sweat-angry at the world, nightmares. Needless to say, this morning I felt like I had slept with Gandhi's flip-flop in my mouth (thanks Jacks for that image!!), and was ready to take on any one who dared to irritate me in the slightest - including my innocent blue-eyed boy who needed the grip on his cricket bat changed before school today. I DARE you to find a more frustrating, patience-testing activity!! Thanks to lots of coffee and YouTube, I resumed my place as Cleverest-Mom-Ever just as the lift club arrived! But I digress...

You know that feeling when there is no doubt in your mind that if there was ever a day you would follow through on some heinous "I will not hesitate to kill you if you look at me sideways" threat, that today was that day? That no amount of sweet talking, chocolate eating, wine consuming, random act of kindness would change your murderous mood? And then out the blue, you get an unexpected call from a friend, and BAM! Attitude adjusted! Thanks Ian Shaw, for phoning me to poke the bear this morning, and in educating me (and I use that term very loosely where this particular friend of mine is concerned!), on his quirky philosophy of the similarity between a goldfish and a goat*, gave me the kick in the rear I needed to jump start this Monday! (That's not to say that I won't be feeling disgustingly venomous by 4pm today, however!!). 

SO here it is. Happy 2013 - my inaugural post for the new year!

I can't believe its been so long since I sat down to write! This fact is just testament to the absolute mania (and holiday bliss!), that has been my life since December. We are now well into January, and life seems to be settling into it's usual routine normalcy. Well, as normal as life with two hectically active, prepubescent (I kid you not!), 9 year olds can be! As exhausting and patience-testing as it is, however, I wouldn't change it for anything!
The start of a new year always has us thinking along the lines of New Years' Resolutions (NYR), and new starts, and clean pages (or new books - depending on just how bad the previous year had been for you!!). For me New Years Resolutions have never worked. In fact, they are guaranteed to set me up for disappointment and feelings of self loathing. In my mind, if I have fallen off that NYR waggon once by mid January (which inevitably I would have!), that's it for me. Instant failure!! So this year I have decided its all about making attitude changes, lifestyle changes, and habit changes. Resolving to run four times a week or else, has changed into resurrecting my running, and making it part of my life and daily routine. Resolving to stop eating chocolates forever has changed into making healthier diet choices, and grocery choices for my whole family. I would like to be more open to new opportunities, and less concerned by the small mindedness of others. I would like to focus more on the bigger picture, and sweat the small stuff less. I would like to embrace that popular adage Live, Love, Laugh, and be more grateful for my many blessings. So in a nutshell, no resolutions, just lots of positive life changes.
This year we are working towards goals. My poor kids have been forced to set goals by their cruel mother (in my son's words!), for their academics and sport. Both have set themselves achievable, and aspirational goals, which made me very proud! Lets see if this lasts as they get swallowed up by the mania of the school year!
They are destined for great things, these two gorgeous kids of mine. Their tenacity, their gumption, their lack of fear when presented with new challenges and adventures, is remarkable. Their open minds, their thirst for knowledge, their ability to adapt and be malleable puts me to shame! They have truly inspired me to change MY attitude this year. I am going to grab that bull by its proverbials, not take no for an answer, and jump into 2013 with both feet! No more mucking around that fountain!! So watch this space...I'm Just Saying...
*Life according to Ian... its a spoonerism. Goldfish tend to waste time mucking around the fountain, while goats tend to waste time.... No more being goldfish OR goats!! I'm Just Saying... ;)

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